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Our main area of activity is drying vegetables using a traditional method, i.e. hot air, and their further processing and improvement.


Company AGJ Jaworscy Społka Jawna since year 2008 is involved in a project of the Sustainable Agriculture, which aim is a minimization of the ecological ballast caused by cultivation of the fields. To achieve those results we are supporting the consulting meetings and training courses organized by local self-government bodies and the Agricultural Consultancy Centers according to implementation of Good Agricultural Practice Code in farming, which specify how to:

  • - Improve the condition of the soil - by applying in accordance with legal requirements fertilizers and plant protection products and carrying nutrients into the soil
      by sowing crops cultivated between main crops,
  • - Improve the structure of the soil and preventing erosion - by leaving post-harvest remains for the winter and by cultivation crops cultivated between main crops,
  • - Protect waters and the living around flora and faunas - by leaving the buffer zone for their development,
  • - Support biodiversity - creating natural conditions for living and development for the population of animals and insects on the surrounding area.

Our actions are contributing to the improvement of the biological balance. Programs carried out by us and our suppliers are monitored and documented.

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