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Welcome to the AGJ-Jaworscy Spółka Jawna company website

Our main area of activity is drying vegetables using a traditional method, i.e. hot air, and their further processing and improvement.


  • - Carrot,
  • - Parsnip,
  • - Red Beet,
  • - Cabbage,
  • - Celery,
  • - Parsley.
Except cabbage, we can offer all of listed products in the following cutting sizes: 10x10x2 ; 10x10x10 ; 16x16x 2 ; 18x18x2 ; 20x20x2 ; 25x25x2 ; 3x3x30 ; 6x6x6 and 6x6x2 or as various size granulates and powders. Moreover, each product can be processed/improved on the recleaning line equipped with devices such as: sifting machine, gravity table, ZZ, Sortex, metal and non-metal separators.

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